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bringing the flavor of Ancona to the palate of Seattle since 1993.

This is Assaggio.  Authentically Italian, with a passion for food and people.

At the heart of Mauro’s culinary philosophy is passion—infuse passion with preparation and the result will be cuisine beyond expectation. 

Assaggio, helmed by Chef Mauro Golmarvi, is heavily influenced by his culinary roots and upbringing in Northern Italy. Opened in 1993, the menu highlights artisanal techniques and recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.  From pasta made fresh daily, to creating their own fish stocks, what you experience is truly authentic Italian cuisine.  Mauro uses locally sourced ingredients from farmers to fishmongers that he has been buying from for the last 25 years, as well as importing cheeses and other produce directly from families in Italy-sometimes in their  2nd or 3rd generation.


Named for and inspired by the Italian way of life- the importance of meals with family and friends,  slowing life down and enjoying each others company.  When you come into Assaggio it’s like you come into Mauro's home to share a meal and an experience.   

About Mauro

After success in California, Mauro Golmarvi moved to Seattle in 1993 in search of a place that reminded him of home—to be close to the water and to share his love of Italian food. Assaggio is a taste of authentic Ancona—the small seaside village on the Adriatic, where Mauro lived and one of Italy’s most perfectly preserved epicurean secrets.

To capture flavors that hold true to his heritage, Mauro still believes in the Italian method of sourcing—using the best local artisanal ingredients at the height of their freshness from people he knows around the Puget Sound. You can often see him at Pike Place Market meeting with his vendors, buying the ingredients that day to use in the recipes he grew up learning—those that have been passed down from generation to generation.



Absolutely the very best Italian restaurant I've ever been to.
This is the best Italian restaurant I have had dinner in this country.
Feels just like the family run restaurants in Italy.


At the heart of Mauro’s culinary philosophy is passion—infuse passion with preparation and the result will be cuisine beyond expectation. 

Mauro Golmarvi began his culinary education as a boy in Rome, underneath the watchful eye of his mother, Naji.  From her, he discovered his true passion for food and people.  After working at one of the oldest restaurants in Rome, he moved to Ancona, for Medical school. It was in Ancona that Mauro decided to make his way to America to become a great chef and one day, open his own restaurant. 

Once on his own, he had only two true instructors—his stove and his oven, which he fondly refers to as his masters, the ones who taught him everything.  “My stove and my oven are my Gods. They are not fancy, but they are mine, and they allow me to express my soul.” His dream was to have a restaurant with ceilings painted like the Sistine Chapel. When you visit Assaggio today, you will see the beautiful frescoes throughout the restaurant and you will know you are part of a dream come true. 

Today, when Mauro isn’t welcoming his loyal customers and friends to his "home" (what he calls Assaggio), he’s spending quality time with his favorite sous chef in the world—daughter, Francesca—to whom his cookbooks are dedicated.

Mauro Golmarvi, owner of Assaggio Ristorante, talks about his home in Italy and the inspiration for his restaurant, with shopping at Pike Place Market. The video continues to showcase the menu items and how Mauro values freshness, along with his trips to Italy to see wineries.